The concept

Company presentation

Major operator of helicopter services in France for nearly 40 years, the SAF Group offers its services for missions of mountain rescue, sanitary transport, aerial work, helicopter maintenance and pilots training.

The SAF Group also serves individuals and invites you to discover breathtaking landscapes flying over the most beautiful peaks of the Alps and legendary glaciers, to introduce you to the helicopter flight with his flight simulator or facilitate your trips by offering all types of transfers.

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Presentation of the helicopters two types


The AS 350 or Squirrel single-engine is the best-selling helicopter in the world. Its reliability and performance make an excellent capacity helicopter for aerial work and passenger transport.


The EC135 is a light twin-engine helicopter that can perform various missions: HEMS, Search And Rescue, passenger transport, VIP transport ... Its tail rotor type fenestron allows lower noise level and brings great advantages for ground personal safety.

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Flight initiation

Flight initiation on flight simulator of type EC 135 T2+.

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Panoramic flights

Discover or rediscover seen from the sky the breathtaking scenery.

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Transfers will be made with twin-engine aircraft type EC 135.

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